October 2015

Brussels: Technology Platform and Brokerage Event

28.-29.10.2015 Textile sector meets at European Conference in Brussels

With more than 150 participants the European Technology Platform took place from the 28th to the 29th October 2015 in Brussels. Representatives of the whole textile value added chain and clothing added chain from whole Europe, research and technology organizations, industrial confederations, consultation and service enterprises as well as political decision makers and the media took part in the 2-day conference.

The Conference on the 28th October focused on the theme “Innovating for Sustainability in European Textiles and Clothing”, where participants discussed deeply about the need for continuous improvement in materials, production processes and supply chain management as an optimization of the sustainability performance of the European textile and clothing industry.

LUVO established numerous European contacts, attended scientific expert lectures such as “SME support and opportunities beyond Horizon 2020” and obtained relevant information concerning the different European funding programs. In conclusion, the “EU-Funding Seminar & TEPPIES Project Brokerage Event" on the 29th October provided a very comprehensive overview of the different EU funding opportunities for research and innovation within the textile sector.