December 2014

Long-term textile bite protection - Research and industry network develops biodegradable gnaw deterrent

Project close to conclusion

"Our goal was to develop commercially practical bite protection which combines biodegradability and long-term protection", explains LanoTex network manager, Steffi Volland. For the 'green' textile gnaw protection, the scientists at the Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research in Rudolstadt initially researched how to impregnate and bring about slow release of the active ingredients in the textile. In the meantime, two sewing and knitting companies have taken on the task of designing the tailored textile protection systems so that they can be easily and quickly applied as nets to plants and trees. First field trials, such as on 500 trees in the Eibenstock forestry area (Saxony), demonstrate that the innovative protective textile can also contribute to replacing current fossil resource-based bite protection materials through sustainable textile solutions.